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November 2, 2017

Citi GPS: Disruptive Innovations V

Ten More Things to Stop and Think About

As we worked this summer to start putting together our fifth edition in the Citi GPS Disruptive Innovations series, there was a concern that the entries we were receiving didn’t have that “wow” factor that we felt in prior years. So we re-thought and cast our net wider, and put a new slate together. But for some reason, we still couldn’t muster up a load of excitement. Mildly dejected, we started to speak to people outside of our circle and that’s when we had an ‘aha!’ moment and realized that over the years we had immersed ourselves in so many publications and websites that much like ‘innovation junkies’, it was taking more and more for us to get excited about things that could be disruptive and change the future. Looking at our list with new eyes — more like the ones we had when we started this series five years ago — we now have here what we think is thought-provoking and fantastic.

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