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Citi Investment Strategies (CIS)

Citi Investment Strategies (CIS) focuses on the design, implementation, and distribution of cutting-edge, indexed investment strategies and solutions.

Our CIS approach seeks to respond to investors’ need for innovation, risk mitigation, transparency, and liquidity in algorithmic index methodologies.

The Citi difference

Built on Citi’s intellectual capital from research, quantitative development, and trading, CIS leverages Citi’s extensive global capital markets expertise. Our investment strategies are packaged into cost-effective, investable, and liquid products across a range of formats and payoffs. And our versatile platform allows for customization of investor-specific solutions and risk profiles through bespoke index approaches and applications.

In addition, Citi gives you and your clients access to Risk Premia: strategies intended to capture potential excess returns that either may be compensation for bearing risk or the result of behavioral biases. Available across multiple asset classes, Risk Premia can be categorized across investing styles including: Carry, Defensive, Momentum, Value, and Volatility.

All strategies may vary by market and client segment.

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Citi Cross Asset Solutions for Financial Intermediaries

Americas (North America and Latin America)

Fabrice Hugon
Managing Director
Structured Investments
Head of Sales, NAM and LATAM

Citi Cross Asset Solutions
390 Greenwich St
New York,NY 10013

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Lorenzo Leccesi
Managing Director
Head of Sales, EMEA

Citi Cross Asset Solutions
33 Canada Square
London,UK,E14 5LB

Asia Pacific

Bernard Wai
Managing Director
Head of Sales, APAC

Citi Cross Asset Solutions
3 Garden Road
Central,Hong Kong