Cross Asset Solutions


Citi provides access to flow products and trading capabilities across all asset classes. Qualified investors may trade OTC Equity derivatives and credit derivatives.

We also use Citi’s research and systematic trading capabilities to build unique rules-based investment strategies to help your clients access and outperform benchmark indices.

*Across all asset classes for certain eligible Contract Participants / Qualified Investors

Products and services

  • FX Spot, Forwards and Options
  • Interest Rate Swaps, Swaptions, Caps and Floors
  • Dual Currency-Linked Investments
  • Cross-Currency Swaps
  • Energy and Precious-Metals Derivatives
  • Credit Default Swaps
  • Equity Collars, Forwards, Calls and Swaps
  • Rules-Based, Systematic Investment Strategies
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Citi Cross Asset Solutions for Financial Intermediaries

Americas (North America and Latin America)

Fabrice Hugon
Managing Director
Structured Investments
Head of Sales, NAM and LATAM

Citi Cross Asset Solutions
390 Greenwich St
New York,NY 10013

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Lorenzo Leccesi
Managing Director
Head of Sales, EMEA

Citi Cross Asset Solutions
33 Canada Square
London,UK,E14 5LB

Asia Pacific

Bernard Wai
Managing Director
Head of Sales, APAC

Citi Cross Asset Solutions
3 Garden Road
Central,Hong Kong